Welcome to the Ralston Lab at UC Davis!

Recent Lab News

We created an RNAi library and performed the first genome-wide RNAi screen in E. histolytica. The manuscript is now in press at PLOS Pathogens.

We showed that after performing trogocytosis, E. histolytica resists complement deposition, while also acquiring and displaying human complement regulatory proteins on its own surfaceThe manuscript is now in press at mBio and the preprint is here.

Rene’s article, “Growth and genetic manipulation of Entamoeba histolytica” is now in press at Current Protocols!

Maura was selected for funding by the UC Davis T32 Training Program in Comparative Medicine! Congratulations, Maura!

Check out Akhila and Hannah’s review article, “Biting off what can be chewed: Trogocytosis in health, infection and disease,” which was just published by Infection and Immunity as part of the collection “Early-Career Scientists Shaping the New Microbiology.” The article was also highlighted on the cover of the July issue!

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